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Maine Vacation : A Trick For A Treat

When you don’t want to eat an entire pint of ice cream, (even if you’re on “vacation mode”) but you want to enjoy it and feel like you’ve had your fill, add some super filling, nutrient-dense ingredients.

I’m constantly working on bettering my relationship with food and my mindset, and my recent vacation in Maine was a time I felt the desire to let go, so I did, and I fell into bowls of chubby hubby Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, with peanut butter, strawberries and banana.

Instead of having half the pint of ice cream alone in a bowl like I typically do (depends on the day :P), I just took a few scoops, and met that with filling things like peanut butter. I added the fruit for flavor and texture, and it was super tasty with the chubby hubby ice cream.

When I was on my vacation in Maine, I knew I was going to be eating and freestyling pretty hard, because, my appetite is insane, and there are some unhealthy things that I enjoy eating.

tonight on the menu- dairy and carbs

There were days where I barely had any fruits and veggies, and snacked on things like salsita chips and maple leaf cookies before breakfast, but, there were also days that I ordered a salad with my dinner instead of a side of poutine; listen, to some that’s not a big deal, but for my kind of appetite, that’s progress.

spinach salad from Lakeview Restaurant

Vacation is certainly a time to let go, and while I did binge on lots of things I don’t usually binge on in my daily routine back home, it felt good balancing my indulgences with some healthy options, and having a little bit of discipline weaved into my relaxation mode.

After we left, I realized we forgot the rest of the chubby hubby ice cream (almost half a pint) and I guess it’s a good thing we did, because, I would have polished that thing in minutes before we hit the road; totally not trying to be wasteful, you feel me?

Thanks for reading 🙂

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