My Story – Health Indulgence

My Story

I live with an uncontrollable love for food. As far as will power, it’s something I am trying hard to do. Regardless, if I put up a fight with myself or not, when I end up scarfing down a bunch of sweets, or a hefty plate of pasta, or a giant, carbful, cheesy/meaty breakfast spread, I kind of hate myself after.

I don’t know about you, but I like to indulge in things that are delicious, and, I like to feel good about myself after. That being said, I bring to you…

Health Indulgence Blog

Once a self indulgent eater, now a health indulgence eater.

I can not tell you how refreshing it felt to find satisfaction with eating healthy, natural foods. I used to cringe at the thought of eating a salad with my dinner, I just wanted the meat and potatoes. But, I’m telling you, eating healthy doesn’t mean I, or you, have to suffer with boring salads and nose-plugging smoothies.

Take this spread of wholesome food that I’m about to show you.

I had an opportunity a couple of years ago to stay in The Bay Area for the summer, and my experience with food there was life changing.

The house that I lived with ate no meat, so all of our meals were made with tons of plants.

Let me tell you, I never ate so damn good.

I was also more than lucky to be a short walk away from an incredible grocery store called Berkeley Bowl, and I also lived in the middle of a swarm of restaurants with global cuisine.

People tell me I’m like a sponge, and there’s a lot of juicy stuff on the West Coast.

A lot of what I know how to cook comes from what I ate and made during my stay in Berkeley; from there, my creativity with healthy food continues to bloom.



For those of you who know me outside of this blog, maybe you already know about me becoming a licensed Zumba® instructor, and the reason why I became one. Maybe it sounds crazy, but I need to throw myself into situations to get to where I want to go.

I could totally go to Zumba®classes on my spare time, but just as easy as it is for me to talk myself into eating something unhealthy, I can talk myself out of working out. But, when I imagine teaching others and leading others to a healthier life, that’s where a spark strikes, and that’s when it easier to get motivated.

teaching a song at April’s class

After I practice my playlist, I am ten times hungrier than when I’m just my normal hungry self. But, when I reward my hard work with nutrient-dense meals, I get full fast, and I stay full longer. It’s always a challenge to turn down a favorite treat, and sometimes I can’t do it, but when I do, it’s only a win-win at the end.

Through personal experience of battling with bad eating habits and laziness, I can assure that following a healthy diet that consists of wholefoods and lots of plants will only give you strength, and peace of mind. Also, I recommend moving in some way, every day; even if it’s just a walk.

The more care you give to your body, the better you will perform in all areas of your life… so STAY HEALTHY because YOU DESERVE IT.