My Story

I live with an uncontrollable love for food. As far as will power goes, I’ve been known to flick the healthy angel off of my shoulder, and give into temptations.

Regardless, if I put up a fight with myself or not, when I end up scarfing down a bunch of sweets, or a hefty plate of pasta, or a giant, carbful, cheesy/meaty breakfast spread, I kind of hate myself after.

I don’t know about you, but I like to indulge in things that are delicious, and, I like to feel good about myself after. That being said, I bring to you…

I can not tell you how refreshing it feels find satisfaction with eating wholesome, natural foods. I used to cringe at the thought of eating a salad with my dinner… I just wanted the meat and potatoes. But, I’m telling you, eating healthy doesn’t mean we have to suffer with boring salads and nose-plugging smoothies.

my plant-based eating journey in berkeley, CA

I had an opportunity a couple of years ago to stay in The Bay Area for the summer, and my experience with food there was life changing.

The house that I lived with ate no meat, so all of our meals were made with tons of plants. For almost that entire summer, I didn’t eat any meat, and ate giant Green Goddess Salad Bowls almost every day at work.

I was also more than lucky to be a short walk away from an incredible grocery store called Berkeley Bowl, and I also lived in the middle of a swarm of restaurants of all different cuisines.

People tell me I’m like a sponge, and there’s a lot of juicy stuff on the West Coast.

A lot of what I know how to cook today comes from what I ate and made during my stay in Berkeley; from there, my ability to create satisfying and healthy meals has continued to grow.

A sunflower that I planted at the house. I planted it in June, and it looked like this by the end of August.

where I am with food today

While the longer I stay on a clean streak with eating, I do tend to steer towards unhealthy indulgences when I am in the mood for them. I’m personally a fan of living life in moderation.

My goal is to strive for the best meals I can give my body as far as health goes, but it’s also my goal to enjoy what I eat. The longer I experiment with plant-based meals made with all-natural ingredients and lots of flavor, the more addicted I start to become to this kind of eating.


dancing my way to health

For those of you who know me outside of this blog, maybe you already know about me becoming a licensed Zumba® instructor, and the reason why I became one.

In college instead of going to the gym, I watched dance workout videos like Keaira LaShae and even belly dance videos. I would do them here an there, but I never committed to them, so I never made progress.

About a year after I graduated, I came across an article about teaching Zumba, and in that moment, I felt like it was something I wanted to jump into; at this time, my health did not feel up to par, as I was re-living asthma issues that I hadn’t experienced since I was younger.

I feel like this jump was my body leading the way, saying I really need to get more movement in my life, to live with complete health.

When I went to the training to get my license, I had to take my inhaler halfway through the first song.

I’ve had my license for over a year now, and I am still not teaching, but after practicing for almost two years, I can make it through a playlist with no breaks, and sometimes I don’t even need my inhaler.

I’m saving up for a few more certifications, enjoying the ride in the meantime and accepting that I have not started teaching yet. I try to go to as many classes as I can, and luckily, I have access to so much awesome music and dance routines, performed by some AWESOME Zumba instructors.

I’m excited and nervous to think of teaching, but I truly can’t wait to start that chapter when I’m ready; I’ve come to understand that anything is possible with ambition to practice, and patience with time.

teaching a song at April’s class

Through personal experience of battling with bad eating habits and laziness, I can assure that following a diet that consists of whole foods and lots of plants will only give you strength, and even peace of mind. Also, I recommend moving in some way, every day; even if it’s just a walk.

The more care you give to your body, the better you will perform in all areas of your life… so STAY HEALTHY because YOU DESERVE IT.