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All recipes on the blog are vegan, so plants are very popular here.

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My Story 

healthy juice

I want to bring to my reader's attention that behind the scenes, I tend to have some yogurt and cheese and sometimes even meat, so even though my recipes are vegan, I am currently on a more plant-based status.

When I stayed in The Bay Area for a few months in 2015, my passion for vegan cooking really kicked off. The house that I stayed with was vegan and vegetarian, and we had some crave-able meals; from veggie hot pot, to salad bars.

hot pot

I aim to have a holistic approach with every recipe I make, so that I can embrace the nutritional benefits of whole foods. The more I experiment with vegan cooking, the easier it gets to love it.

It's really interesting to see the transition I've been going through with cooking, from when I was at home, to when I was at culinary school (JWU), to today.

Binge eating on junk as a kid and smoking cigarettes in college didn't leave me in the best standing with my health, but I truly feel that the vegan path will only do good (not just for me, but for the environment too).

I started my vegan journey at first to lose weight because I was self conscious about my body, and I am so happy that I am not in it for that reason anymore. The longer I stay on a vegan streak, the more I truly start to feel the wonders eating more plants can do for your health; that's when it gets easy to not care about how you look, and love how you feel.





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