My Story 

When I stayed in The Bay Area for a few months in 2015, my passion for vegan cooking and health really kicked off. The house that I stayed with was vegan and vegetarian, and we had some crave-able meals; from veggie hot pot, to salad bars.

hot pot

I aim to have a holistic approach with every recipe I make, so that I can embrace the nutritional benefits of whole foods, like I did when I stayed in California. The more I've experimented with vegan cooking, the easier it gets to love it; that's why the content on this blog is either 100% vegan, or pretty darn close to it.

I want to bring to my reader's attention that behind the scenes, I tend to have some yogurt and cheese and sometimes even meat, so even though my recipes are vegan, I am currently on a more plant-based status.

Learning to love eating healthy was a wild transition for me, but if I can learn how to manipulate my appetite to enjoy a veggie or two, so can you.

I did lots of cooking throughout my not so long life so far; starting as a curious kid in the kitchen growing up at home, to working in a kitchen a little on the weekends during high school and over summers, to taking culinary classes in college, to now working with the most amazing grocery store full time, and managing a food blog part time.

When it comes to food, I want flavor and satisfaction, but I also don’t want my body to suffer; not anymore, I’ve been there already (junk food, alcohol, cigarettes, unhealthy thinking).

I’ve combined my passion for cooking and eating with tips from nutritionists and other health professionals out there spreading awareness and coaching people to get the right nutrients, and practice better living habits.

I’ve been on my blogging journey for a few years, but my battle to overcome poor eating habits has been a life-long battle. I started out overweight and not active at all, but over time with lifestyle changes and bettering my eating habits, my body, mind and soul have been benefiting, and I feel better overall.

I’m finding the beauty in discipline, but I also make sure to reward myself as moderately as I can; some weeks more than others, I just go with the flow.

Just trying to live balanced and enjoy life <3





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