Holiday Self Care

Holidays and Self Care

Happy Holidays

This time of year is full of so many different emotions, if you just imagine the different experiences that different beings are going through.

The society we live in here in America is very busy and leads with a “forget about what’s best for you” kind of drive.

Friends, don’t forget about you during the Holidays.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, if you’re going through something you wish you didn’t have to be going through this time of year, I invite you to embrace yourself. Love yourself. Talk to yourself and guide yourself. I’ve found that the more I speak to myself and ask myself questions, the easier it is to hear my heart.

This Holiday, give the gift of self care to you.

I’ve browsed a few different self care guides for the Holidays, and there are some pretty awesome suggestions for this time of year.

Click the links below to learn about some awesome self care tips

A Self-Care Checklist for Surviving the Holidays

6 Tips for Holiday Self Care

One of my favorite tips that I’ve seen so far is number 4 from the “6 Tips for Holiday Self Care”, that is to “Feel (don’t eat or drink) your feelings”.

One of my favorite self care tips of all time is connecting with your breathe; for me, this really helps slow down the moment, and helps me re-collect my thoughts and feelings.

Another thing I like to do is sit down and have a hot cup of tea, I love feeling the liquid warm my body 🙂


Personal Reflection

Last year, I wrote about a realization that I had after watching a video called “The Important Places”, and it really helped me face a problem that I was having within.

To read more, head to this link -> Thanksgiving and Important Places

At this time, I was going on my 6th year of living in Providence, Rhode Island, and being from a small town in the Adirondack mountains, I definitely experienced some shell shock; my sensitive self had a hard time connecting with the vibes around me, and I missed the trees and the peace.

What I hate the most about everything that I felt during my time in Providence is that I sincerely blamed my unhappiness on Providence. But, as I mentioned in my other story from last year, I realized that I shouldn’t blame a place or people or conditions on my unhappiness. Yes, I can still feel unhappy by them, but from there, I turn to myself and ask myself, “why do I feel this way?” “why is it hard?” “what do I need, then?”

It turns out there was beauty in my experience in Rhode Island, for if it weren’t for the struggle there, I might not have discovered self care.





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