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Marinated Cherry Tomatoes

Little bursts of flavor are what these Marinated Cherry Tomatoes are.

Throughout my curious cooking career, I’ve always enjoyed experimenting with marinade recipes, and I’ve learned that as long as you have some fresh garlic, some oil, some vinegar, and some sweetness, yummy things can be made.

Marinade in the fridge for an hour.

Poking the cherry tomatoes allowed some of that juice to seep into the marinade, while simultaneously, the marinade oozed into the holes of the tomatoes, and did wonders for texture and taste.

This experience is a prime example of how veggies can be treated just like meat to obtain amazing flavors.

From there, you could take these tomatoes with you to work and eat them as a snack (maybe throw some cucumber slices in there), throw them in some pasta, or, put them on a sandwich or wrap.

What I Did First

I put the marinated cherry tomatoes in a wrap with some black beans and corn, and veggies, and avocado, and red onion.


I also added something crunchy…


Rhythm Naked Beet chips

I am a huge chip lover, but, the harmful bad fats from traditional potato chips can’t be overlooked.

I am doing my best to pass the cheddar and sour cream ruffles when I’m walking down the aisle, and sometimes I cave, but, when I discover healthy chips like Rhythm Naked Beet Chips, I get SO excited.

The beet chips are only made with 1 ingredient… BEETS. Yup, just a bunch of dehydrated beet slices is all these crunchy things are.


I was so satisfied by all the contrasting textures and flavors in this wrap, and the marinated tomatoes were especially wonderful.

What I Made Next

The next day, I made a little chip bowl with the marinated tomatoes, some Late July chia and quinoa tortilla chips, black beans and corn, and some avocado.


I topped the tomatoes with some of the juice from the marinade, drizzled the avocado with some olive oil, and finished with some salt and black pepper.

The power of flavor and wellness from these wholefoods… it’s amazing.

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