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Meal Prep for Grounding with Golden Beets

I have been doing my best to ground myself throughout some very recent and very new life things, and for that reason, I decided to play with a very grounding ingredient for this meal prep; golden beets.

To find time to be still is a blessing. It feels like I’ve been catching up with life for a little bit now, trying to round up my marbles as they fall. Sometimes I feel so far away from the Earth, but once I notice this, it’s easier to find ways to snuggle back into the ground.

I never used to be an organized person, but after various job experiences and advice from loved ones and peers, I really can’t deny the benefits of having a place for everything, and maintaining a feng shui environment; especially in the kitchen.

I look at meal prep as an organized template that writes your meals for you. Whether you get ideas from others, or you create your own story, the convenience of meal prep is sure to give you simple inspiration, and peace of mind.

Since it’s been a little while that I’ve constructed a meal-prep bundle, I wasn’t looking to do anything complicated, so I roasted some golden beets off and sliced them up so they were ready to go for whatever I wanted to use them in.

I was planning on just adding some olive oil salt and pepper to them, but I decided to also add smoked paprika, and some fresh sage.

I always love a hot pasta meal (especially in the winter). Just the thought of curling up on the couch with a steaming bowl of pasta can influence me to eat a bowl every night.

I had a box of DeBoles organic spinach pasta (fettuccini style), so I decided to boil that off; I figured it would also be tasty with the golden beets.

To add some plant-based protein to the meal-prep mix, I decided to sauté a can of pinto beans with some spinach. All I did was melt a little coconut oil in a small skillet, then I added the beans and spinach, and seasoned them with smoked paprika, salt and pepper.

For my meal-prep meal, I sautéed the pasta and beans together in some coconut oil, and then I added some smoked paprika, and salt and pepper. For toppers, I used the roasted golden beets, hemp seeds, and some avocado.



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