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Vermont: Monarch & the Milkweed

It’s so fitting to say that I get “butterflies” when re-visiting my experience at Monarch & the Milkweed  in Burlington, Vermont.

Kevin and I went here when we were home-searching, and weren’t even set on moving to Vermont yet; it’s safe to say that this experience was one of the experiences that helped us decide to move to a place, that has places like Monarch & the Milkweed.

You know, places that have a menu featuring local goodies, like cheeses that I enjoyed with pickled beats, and a signature monarch everything bagel.


We couldn’t resist to have some fun (the cocktails must have gotten to us).

I think the options are wonderful, whether you’re getting a petite pastry, a warm coffee or simple cocktail, or, a breakfast sandwich on a monarch everything bagel (or getting all of the above.. the best way to do it in my book, at least).

Definitely check out Monarch & the Milkweed the next time you’re in Burlington.

their monarch everything bagel is so fricken good


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