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Sip On This: Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie and 5 Reasons to Add Oats to your Smoothies

A classic combo with a special ingredient; PB2 peanut butter powder.

I love adding this stuff to my smoothies; so much peanut butter flavor, with 90% less fat.


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While there is nothing wrong with some good fats like regular peanut butter, should your diet demand a little less fat than usual, this is a perfect thing to have, and it’s magical for smoothies.

Moving on from the peanut buttery goodness of PB2, I want to focus in on another ingredient I used in the smoothie.


I never dreamed of putting oats in a smoothie, but after reading up on some of they’re amazing health benefits, I learned that it’s a great ingredient to add.

Here are some reasons why you might want to start adding oats to your smoothies.

5 Health Benefits of Oats


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Stabilizes Blood Sugar Levels

Thanks to the fiber in oats, digestion is slowed, and that helps stabilize blood sugar levels.

Boosts Energy

Oats are in the good carb category, and can boost your energy and endurance.

Weight Loss

The magic that oats hold for helping in weight loss lies in soluble fiber; fiber that turns into gel in the digestive system; this helps you stay full longer and snack less.

Loaded with Protein

Half a cup of oats has 7 grams of protein; that’s why they are a popular base in many protein bars.

Beautiful Skin

Oats contain cleansing agents known as saponins, and they help keep the skin clean. A lot of people even make face masks out of oatmeal.

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