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Thanksgiving and Important Places

I’m feely pretty down that I don’t have the mind or energy to even think about writing or making something food related for my readers for Thanksgiving, but, I do want to share something with you.

To confess, I’ve been frustrated for a few years now, feeling stuck in a place that I don’t want to be; feeling like a little thing of hay in a needle stack.

I’m currently living in Providence, Rhode Island, and don’t get me wrong, I appreciate this creative capitol the amazingness it has to offer, but, I always feel something is missing.

Usually I go home and I’m happy to see my family, but then I’m always ready to go back to Kevin in Providence. This past weekend I visited my family in Saratoga, and of course I missed Kevin, but I was afraid, because, for some reason, I felt like I didn’t want to leave this time; you know how terrible that sounds when you say you don’t want to go back to the place your love is? This feeling combined with being sick made me feel like my world was crumbling.

Even though I live somewhere I don’t like very much, I don’t want to leave without Kevin, so why can’t I just deal with it for at least another year? Why can’t I just be happy to have a roof over my head? Even though he works 80 hours a week as a chef, why can’t I just continue using the time alone to work on myself?

It’s so embarrassing to say, but I am always blaming my negative experiences in Providence for why I can’t just live; for my inability to trust working somewhere that I will like; for my failure of getting out. What’s wrong with me? Why do I feel like I can’t carry on, even with my suffering, like everyone else does?

While I was home, my Mom had me watch a video that my brother-in-law showed her recently called The Important Places. It turned out to be everything I needed to see.

The Adirondacks are my important place. I lived in those mountains for about 11 years. They are rich with Mother nature’s gifts, and I took those for granted growing up; the rivers and lakes that cooled me, the mountains that protected me, the sky that guided me. I wanted to run to my important place after watching this video.

That night, I tried to sleep with a slight fever, and it was really uncomfortable, but it was longing that killed me more. Longing for a place that was more pure, in my eyes at least.

I realized something; yes, I miss this place, but, why does it have to be sad? Why cry as though I lost something? Why fear that I will not have time to visit, when that important place is always with me? I just have to open the doors in my mind, and let the beauty of the Adirondacks in.

view from a point on Whiteface Mountain

forward, I am promising myself to stay content with where I am, and remember where I’m from; I promise to reach for the sky, but never let go of my roots.

I may be far from one very important place this holiday, but it’s never far from me <3





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